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Artificial Intelligence Industry Framework

Deep Knowledge Group's subsidiary, AI Industry Analytics, has developed an analytical framework that provides a complete overview of the AI industry based on the practical implementation of AI. This framework is designed to analyze and evaluate the AI industry across various dimensions, including technology, innovation, investment, and commercialization.

Every industry is distinguished by a combination of both common and distinctive AI applications, as well as the manner in which these applications are implemented to enhance productivity and product development.  In total, an average of 200 parameters are compiled for each industry, providing a thorough understanding of their AI-driven landscape. 

Analytical Framework
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Full Documentation
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The AI industry framework comprises various sectors or domains where AI technology is implemented to solve complex problems, improve efficiency, and create innovative solutions. These sectors range from healthcare, finance, and manufacturing to retail, logistics, and education.

The framework encompasses the main types of technological domains providing a comprehensive overview of the AI industry landscape. Overall, the AI Industry Analytical Framework provides industry players and stakeholders with the tools needed to assess and compare businesses across international markets, with a focus on the technological aspect of their operations.

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The AI in Finance Framework encompasses a wide range of domains within the finance industry where artificial intelligence technology is harnessed to tackle complex problems, optimize operational efficiency, and foster innovative solutions. 

The framework provides a holistic view of how AI is integrated across various domains within the finance industry, facilitating assessment and comparison of businesses in terms of their AI capabilities and potential for driving innovation in the financial sector.

The AI in BioTech & HealthTech Framework encompasses diverse domains within the biotechnology and healthcare industry where AI technology is applied to address complex issues, enhance efficiency, and foster groundbreaking solutions.

By integrating AI technology, the framework enables the identification of potential breakthroughs and advancements in healthcare delivery, disease prevention, and personalized medicine. This framework not only facilitates the evaluation of businesses within the industry but also provides a broader understanding of the landscape and potential areas for collaboration and innovation. 

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AI Industry Analytics

AI Industry Analytics (AiiA) is a cutting-edge organization that creates an ecosystem for artificial intelligence companies, investors, and hubs. By combining the power of market analytics and investment data with advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, AiiA provides unparalleled insights and solutions to its clients in real-time.

AiiA monitors the development of AI companies and their investors. By doing so, AiiA is able to provide valuable information to its clients on the latest trends and developments in the AI industry.

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AI Data Analytics Platform

This is where AI Industry Analytics steps in. It has developed analytical system based on which different types of objects can be analyzed. One of the key outputs of this system was a variety of benchmarks and rankings. AI Industry Rankings and Benchmarks consists of 8 ranking groups and 8 benchmarks groups which consist of 450 benchmarks.


Data for creating benchmarks or rankings include 51,000 AI Companies across 86 sub-industries, 10,000 Governmental Organizations, 3,393 Educational Institutions and 3,238 AI Leaders from various spheres of social activity.

Access Artificial Intelligence Industry Analytics System and Dashboard

Access and analyze the vast amount of AI industry data in one place. With advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of market intelligence and investment data across AI industry.

The Dashboard collects data on over 51,000 AI-focused companies worldwide, 3,800 investors, 3,240 AI Leaders, 3,400 educational institutions and 340 R&D hubs. The Dashboard also provides advanced analytical tools to derive insights from data behind the dashboard and conduct market intelligence across AI Industry segments.

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