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FemTech Industry Analytical Framework

The FemTech Industry Analytical Framework is developed by the Deep Knowledge Group and its analytical subsidiary FemTech Analytics to evaluate the impact and potential of emerging technologies on women's health and wellness. The framework aims to help stakeholders in the healthcare, life sciences, and technology sectors to identify and implement effective technological solutions for women's health and wellness.

The FemTech Industry Analytical Framework focuses specifically on the intersection of technology and women's health, analyzing how emerging technologies can be leveraged to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of women's health issues. It includes a comparative analysis of different FemTech technologies and their potential impact on healthcare and life sciences, such as reproductive health and fertility solutions, menstrual cycle tracking and management, breast health screening and diagnosis, and menopause management.

Analytical Framework
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Analytical Framework Teaser
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Full Documentation
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FemTech Industry Framework

Venture Capital Funds

Accelerators and Incubators

Angel Groups

Family Investment Offices

Private Equity Firms

Government Offices &
University Programs

Investment Banks

FemTech Investors

FemTech investors are individuals, groups, or organizations that provide financial support and resources to FemTech start-ups and companies. These investors play a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of the FemTech industry by providing funding for research and development, product development, marketing, and other business activities.

Reproductive Health & Contraception

General Healthcare

Pregnancy & Nursing

Women’s Longevity

Menstrual Health

Mental Health

Pelvic & Uterine Healthcare

Sexual Health

Menopause Care

Women's Wellness



Devices (Wearables, Hardware, etc.)

Drugs, Vitamins & Supplements


Apps / Software

Consumer Products

Digital Platform

FemTech Companies

FemTech companies are businesses that create technology products and services that cater specifically to the health and wellness needs of women. These companies often focus on addressing issues that have traditionally been overlooked or stigmatized in the healthcare industry.

Product Types Across Subsectors

FemTech is often applied to products and services, software and hardware, mobile applications, medical devices, wearables, telehealth, therapeutic drugs, vitamins and supplements, digital platforms, and diagnostic tools designed to improve or support women's health.

Partnership and Networking

Startups Support Programs and Platforms

Events, Media and Marketing

Clinical and Scientific Medical Centers

Research, Policy and Education Institutions

R&D of Innovative Products and Services

FemTech R&D Centers and Labs

FemTech R&D (Research and Development) centers and labs are facilities dedicated to the development of new technologies and products aimed at improving women's health and wellness.

FemTech Hubs & Communities

FemTech hubs and communities are networks and organizations that bring together individuals and companies interested in advancing women's health and wellness through technology and innovation. These hubs and communities provide a platform for collaboration, education, and networking, and are instrumental in promoting the growth and development of the FemTech industry.

Access FemTech Industry Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Get access to Global FemTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard using the FemTech Industry Analytical Framework as a basis, and serving as a one-stop-platform for all market and business intelligence operations its customers may need, including benchmarking for companies, investors, and technologies, and competitive and SWOT analysis.

The Dashboard aggregates data about 1,800 FemTech companies, 1,900 investors and 800 investment deals. Based on this data, Dashboard provides users with tools for conducting market intelligence, analysing the industry trends and delivering insights from analytics.


FemTech Analytics

Big Data Analytics to Advance Women's Health

​FemTech Analytics (FTA) is a strategic analytics agency focused on the emerging FemTech sector, providing insights into key subsectors such as Reproductive Health & Contraception, General Health Care, Longevity, Mental Health, Menstrual Health, Pregnancy & Nursing, Sexual Health, Pelvic & Uterine Health Care, Menopause Care, and Women's Wellness. FTA offers a range of services including research and in-depth analysis on the FemTech industry, profiling of companies and government agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and consulting and analytical services to advance the overall FemTech sector. 

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