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DeepTech Industry Analytical Framework

The Deep Knowledge Group AI and Data Science Division, Deep Knowledge Analytics and the 5th Industrial Revolution Institute have constructed intricate analytical frameworks competent enough to define, profile, analyze, and forecast the extraordinarily deep and sophisticated DeepTech industries and disruptive technologies that drive them.

The most disruptive technological development in the 5th Industrial Revolution will be the trajectory from Tech to DeepTech. ”Tech” used here refers to “ShallowTech”, incremental technological advances moving businesses from non-digitals models to digital ones. Tech advances are easy for competitors to replicate precisely because they are less disruptive than DeepTech, which refers to disruptive technology deployed to solve almost intractable problems in the real-world.

Deep Knowledge Group, in order to  predict the most practical means of advancing, optimizing, and coordinating the trajectory of the constant advancement of DeepTech, has developed the DeepTech Industry Analytical Framework as a thorough and comprehensive framework for sector, industry and technologies analysis that makes it easier to compare businesses internationally and focuses on the technological aspect of each company's business activity.

The Classification Framework consists of two distinct forms of classification: 

  • Technological Layers, classifying different technological groups according to their levels of advancement and ability to solve sophisticated problems 

  • Industry Classification, dividing the companies according to their markets, main source of revenue (existing or projected) 

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Full Set of Framework Documentation

Framework Summary
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Framework Deck
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Full Framework Document
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In 2022, this Industry Analytical Framework formed the basis of the DeepTech Industry IT-Platform and Big Data Analytics Dashboard, divided geographically and tracking the status of: 1,000,000 companies and 50,000 investors.


It contains 100 million data points collected from different sources and delivers advanced market intelligence, interactive mindmaps, benchmarking for companies, investors, and technologies, and competitive and SWOT analyses.

Access DeepTech Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard

DeepTech Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard is a tool that provides comprehensive insights and analysis of innovative technology industries, using a vast amount of data collected from various sources. The system contains a set of dashboards on different DeepTech industries such as artificial intelligence, GovTech, SpaceTech, etc. Moreover, there are a regions-specific dashboards which outline the DeepTech Industries in the countries or regions.

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