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InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework

InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework provides a robust and systematic approach to assessing the InsurTech industry, helping stakeholders to better understand the current state of the industry and identify potential opportunities for growth and innovation

The InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework also takes into account the specific sub-sectors within the InsurTech industry, such as distribution, underwriting, and claims processing. This enables a more granular and nuanced analysis of the industry, allowing stakeholders to identify key areas of opportunity and potential investment.

Analytical Framework
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Analytical Framework Teaser
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Full Documentation
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InsurTech Industry Analytical Framework

Direct-to-consumer insurance platforms

Insurance comparison websites

Digital-first insurance providers

E-commerce insurance integrations

Online Insurance

The innovative approach has led to the emergence of various subsectors within the Online InsurTech space, including direct-to-consumer insurance platforms, insurance comparison websites, digital-first insurance providers, and e-commerce insurance integrations. 

Longevity Medicine

Longevity Medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on prolonging healthy lifespan and delaying the onset of age-related diseases through preventative and therapeutic interventions.

Decentralized insurance platforms

Smart contract-based insurance

Tokenized insurance products

Blockchain-based claims management

Blockchain Insurance

By harnessing the power of decentralized networks and smart contracts, the Blockchain Insurance is able to eliminate the need for intermediaries and central authorities, thereby reducing operational costs and increasing trust among stakeholders.


AgeTech refers to the use of technology to improve the quality of life for older adults, including devices and services aimed at promoting health, social engagement, and independence.

Small business cyber insurance

Data breach insurance for large enterprises

Standalone cyber insurance products

Cyber insurance for cloud service providers

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is a rapidly growing sector, driven by the increasing prevalence of cyber threats and the need for organizations to protect themselves against financial losses resulting from cyber attacks. This industry consists of several sectors, including small business cyber insurance, data breach insurance for large enterprises, standalone cyber insurance products, and cyber insurance for cloud service providers.

Usage-based auto insurance



Telematics-based life insurance

Smart home insurance products

Telematics Insurance

By using devices such as sensors, GPS tracking systems, and advanced analytics, Telematics InsurTech aims to collect and analyze real-time data to better understand the behavior and usage patterns of policyholders. This data-driven approach marks a significant departure from traditional insurance models, which often relied on generalized risk assessments and one-size-fits-all policies.

Health Insurance




Tourism Insurance

Health InsurTech

Health InsurTech represents the fusion of cutting-edge technologies with the health insurance industry, aimed at enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness. This sector incorporates the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and big data analytics to optimize healthcare policies and streamline claims administration.

Private Client Life and Health Insurance

Property & Casualty InsurTech

Asset-Backed Securities Insurance

Art and Collectibles Insurance

Digital Assets and Collectibles  Insurance

Securities and Investment Insurance

Wealth Insurance

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, telematics, and blockchain, this industry segment is revolutionizing the way insurance providers manage policies and investment portfolios for various asset classes, catering to the unique needs of different clients.

Mobile-based microinsurance products

Agricultural microinsurance



Remittances-linked microinsurance


By utilizing mobile technology, data analytics, and innovative distribution channels, Microinsurance InsurTech aims to address the unique challenges and needs of markets, offering tailored solutions in various areas such as mobile-based microinsurance products, agricultural microinsurance, health microinsurance, and remittances-linked microinsurance.

Longevity & Pension Risk Transfer

Life Insurance & InsurTech

Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts

Longevity Immediate and Deferred Income Annuities

Life InsurTech

Longevity Life InsurTech refers to the innovative solutions and services within the insurance industry that focus on addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly long-lived population. By integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Longevity Life InsurTech aims to create more efficient, personalized, and accessible insurance products and services tailored to the unique needs of individuals experiencing extended lifespans.

InsurTech Marketplaces / Platforms

IoT InsurTech (Wearables)

Big Data Actuarial Models and AI-Driven Premium Calculation

Automated Claims Management

Data Analytics and Management



InsurTech Innovative 
Solutions and Services

InsurTech Innovative Solutions and Services encompass a broad range of advanced technologies and methodologies that are transforming the insurance industry, from risk assessment and underwriting to claims management and customer experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), InsurTech is revolutionizing traditional insurance processes and practices.

Access InsurTech Industry Big Data Analytics Dashboard

ІnsurTech Industry Big Data Analytics Dashboard is a sophisticated, cutting-edge tool allowing its users to effectively conduct market intelligence, receive valuable market insights and track the movements across the InsurTech Industry.


The primary goal of the InsurTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard lies in delivering on-demand market intelligence analytics through data coverage across the InsurTech Industry.

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Discover Longevity InsurTech
End-to-End Platform Solution

The analytical framework formed the basis of the dedicated Longevity InsurTech Industry End-to-End Platform Solution, to combine and deploy the extensive InsurTech expertise of Deep Knowledge Group. This is a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies designed specifically for the insurance industry. The goal of this platform is to accelerate the adoption of innovative, tech-backed solutions that are commonly known as InsurTech.

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