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Longevity Financial Industry
Analytical Framework

Data Science division of Deep Knowledge Group have embarked upon updating their Longevity Financial Industry Framework (first released in 2019) as a powerful system of tools for investors and financial industry participants to make the most informed, up-to-date strategic decisions that amplify further industrial growth and enable individuals and national economies alike to reap Longevity dividends.

This framework serves as an instrument to support the accelerated development of Longevity Industrialization and Financial Commoditization, the establishment of an integral financial infrastructure for their further growth and stabilization.

This framework will support this growth and stabilization by making it possible to chart the emerging paradigm of Health as the New Wealth and the increasing need for wealthspan extension to match the pace of increasing healthspans, and establish the ecosystemic financial infrastructure needed for the rise of Longevity-focused retail banks, investment banks, stock exchanges, ETFs, technology marketplaces, and modern Longevity-focused financial instruments and derivatives. 

Each segment of the Framework establishes the state of the Longevity Financial Industry in relation to entities exposed to Longevity Risk, existing Longevity-oriented entities, and concepts that introduce novel financial solutions in light of the Longevity Financial Framework and associated industry. 


Bridge solutions exist to neutralize the impact of longevity risk that longevity risk-exposed organizations are subjected to. 


Together, these supersectors with their subsectors represent the complete landscape of the longevity finance industry. By utilizing this framework, stakeholders can simplify the challenges of defining, tracking and predicting change across these sectors, both established and novel.

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Full Set of Framework Documentation

Framework Summary
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Framework Deck
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Full Framework Document
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Longevity Financial Industry Framework

Longevity Financial Industry Framework

Longevity Companies

Longevity-focused VCs

Longevity-focused Family Offices

Private Equity Funds 

Hedge Funds 

Accelerators and Incubators

Corporate and Independent Pension Funds

Public (State) Pension Funds

Annuity Providers

National Healthcare Budget 

 Healthcare Providers

Novel Retirement Plans and


InsurTech Marketplaces 
and Platform

Life Insurance and InsurTech

Investment Banks and Asset Management Corporations

Investment Banks and Asset Management Corporations

Disability Insurance and InsurTech

Health Insurance and InsurTech

New-Gen AI-Driven Portfolio Management

AI-Driven Advisory Services


Big Data Actuarial Models 

IoT InsurTech (Wearables)

Wealth Insurance and InsurTech

Automated Claims Management

Age-Friendly Banks

Healthy Lifestyle Bonuses

Longevity Credit Unions

Providers of  Reverse Mortgage for the USA

Securitization Service Providers


Retiree Employment


Clearing and Settlement Services

Providers of  Equity Release for Europe



Longevity Risk  



Annuities  (QLACs)

Longevity Risk




Actuarial Consulting



(Banks and Asset Managers)

Longevity FinTech

Longevity FinTech refers to the use of financial technology to address the challenges and opportunities presented by an aging population and increasing life expectancy. Longevity FinTech startups and established financial institutions are developing new products, services, and platforms to help individuals and institutions manage longevity risk, plan for retirement, and invest in the health and longevity sector.

Longevity Investment Bank

Longevity Exchange-Traded Fund

Longevity Stock Exchange

Biological Age-Based Insurance

Longevity Innovation Marketplace

AgeTech-Friendly NeoBanks

Longevity Biomarkers for De-Risking

Longevity Rating Agency

It will serve as a blueprint for modern, engineered InvestTech solutions to de-risk investment and financial industry activity and bridge the Big Longevity Liquidity Gap, the latest and current obstacle to the industry’s growth and stabilization. And as DKG has long argued in numerous publications, reports, articles and presentations over the past half-decade, bridging this gap will unleash near limitless volumes of capital influx while simultaneously accelerating and stabilizing the upward trajectory of Longevity Industrialization more broadly.

It is with this vision in mind that Deep Knowledge Group decisively set to work on developing the core investment and financial industry infrastructure (platforms, indices, exchanges, financial instruments and derivatives) needed to implement DeepTech and Longevity Financial Commoditization, which will establish the DeepTech and Longevity Industries as fundamentally new asset classes.

Longevity Risk-Exposed Organizations

These are companies or institutions that are exposed to the financial risks associated with an aging population. For example, pension funds and insurance companies may face increased liabilities as people live longer, while healthcare providers may face increased demand for services as the population ages. These organizations may need to adopt new strategies and approaches to manage these risks and ensure their long-term sustainability.

Longevity Insurance

and InsurTech

These organizations offer insurance products that are designed to help individuals and institutions manage longevity risk. They may offer annuities, life insurance, and other products that provide financial protection against the risk of outliving one's savings. InsurTech companies use technology to streamline and simplify the insurance application and claims process, making it easier and more affordable for individuals to access coverage.

Longevity WealthTech and

Asset Management

These are organizations that use technology to develop innovative solutions to help individuals and institutions manage their wealth and mitigate longevity risk. They may use algorithms, machine learning, and other data-driven approaches to provide personalized investment advice and strategies that take into account an individual's age, health status, and other factors.

Longevity Investment Organizations

These are financial organizations that invest in companies and projects that are focused on developing innovative products and services to improve health and extend lifespans. They aim to generate returns by supporting companies that have a long-term focus on longevity and are positioned to benefit from the demographic shift towards an aging population.

Longevity Securitization 

Longevity securitization is a financial practice that involves the pooling of longevity risk from a group of individuals or institutions and creating a financial security that can be traded in the financial markets. In other words, longevity securitization is a type of financial transaction that allows investors to buy and sell securities that are tied to the lifespan of a particular group of people.

Novel Longevity Financial System (Concepts)

The following elements are those components of Longevity Finance Industry which will get the practical establishment during upcoming years.

Bridge Solutions to Neutralize

Longevity Risk Impact 

These are organizations that offer solutions to help individuals and institutions bridge the gap between the resources they have and the resources they need to achieve their financial goals in retirement. They may offer financial planning and advice, reverse mortgages, or other products and services that provide access to cash or equity that can be used to supplement retirement income.

Access Longevity Finance Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Based on the Analytical Framework, the Dashboard is a white-label solution designed for financial corporations (e.g. banks, pension funds, asset management firms and insurance companies) looking to adjust their business models to longevity-focused banking and tap into the multi-trillion dollar market of 1 billion people in retirement. 
With more than 8,000,000 data points, Longevity Finance Big Data Analytics Dashboard provides valuable market data for research and market intelligence needs. 

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