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SpaceTech Industry Analytical Framework

The SpaceTech Industry Analytical Framework is a comprehensive methodology developed by the Deep Knowledge Group and its subsidiary SpaceTech Analytics to analyze and assess the SpaceTech industry. The framework is designed to evaluate the industry across various dimensions, including technological advances, regulatory frameworks, investment and funding, market demand and adoption, and societal impact.

The framework considers a range of factors and indicators within each of these dimensions, such as the adoption and integration of emerging technologies like space exploration, satellite communication, and earth observation, the level of regulation and compliance, the availability of funding and investment, and the potential impact on society and the economy.

Analytical Framework
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Analytical Framework Teaser
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Full Documentation
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SpaceTech Industry Framework

Space Services

Education and Training

Service and Consulting

Science and Engineering

Security & Defense

Space Observation

Space Imagery

Remote Sensing

Navigation and Mapping

Space Technologies

Robotics and UAV

Software and Hardware

Space Medicine

Space Development

Space Travel & Exploration

Spacecraft Development

Natural Resources

Data from Space

5G Communication

AI Solutions

Data Solutions

Space Manufacturing


Material and 
Product Supply



Smart Materials

Cyber Security


Expert systems (AI)

Additive Manufacturing (3D)

Space-Applied Businesses

The category of Space-Applied Businesses includes entities that have technologies that can be potentially applied to space-related activities in the future, but are not currently involved in the SpaceTech industry. These businesses may specialize in areas such as drones, nanotechnologies, smart materials, cybersecurity, expert systems, robotics, and additive manufacturing.

SpaceTech Verge Companies

Verge SpaceTech Companies are entities that operate in the general categories of Aerospace, Telecommunication, Defense, Navigation, or other related categories, with potential application in the SpaceTech industry. These companies have space technologies, but not as a core technology or department, and may not define SpaceTech as a distinct sector.

SpaceTech Core Companies

Core SpaceTech Companies are entities that are fully involved in the SpaceTech industry, with a clear affiliation and self-sufficient division or direction of activity related to SpaceTech. These companies have subsidiary and/or acquisition companies involved in SpaceTech, and Space technology is at the core of their operations/production.

Access SpaceTech Big Data
Analytics Dashboard

The SpaceTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard is a cutting-edge platform that provides unparalleled insights into the ever-changing SpaceTech landscape. This powerful tool is designed to leverage the latest advancements in data science to help decision-makers analyze the industry's quantitative parameters in real-time. Built on a foundation of extensive research and deep expertise in SpaceTech, the dashboard provides users with the tools they need to analyze the entire industry, as well as identify the most relevant data and metrics.

With its intuitive interface and powerful analytics capabilities, the SpaceTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard enables users to make informed decisions and identify trends that impact the SpaceTech industry. By providing access to real-time information on SpaceTech spending, procurement trends, and key industry players, the dashboard empowers decision-makers to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in this rapidly evolving sector. Whether you're a government agency, a private sector firm, or a research institution, the SpaceTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard is an essential tool for anyone looking to stay on the cutting edge of SpaceTech innovation.

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SpaceTech Analytics

SpaceTech Analytics (STA) is a strategic analytics agency focused on markets in the Space Exploration, Spaceflight, Space Medicine, and Satellite Tech industries.

SpaceTech Analytics serves as an official sponsor of the Oxford University Aeronautical Society and has organized a several conferences with a number of SpaceTech luminaries including senior Program Directors of the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, the Chief Scientist of the NASA Human Research Program, senior members of the Aerospace Medical Council and more.

The range of activities includes research and analysis on major areas of high potential in the SpaceTech industry, maintaining profiling of companies and governmental agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and providing consulting and analytical services to advance the Space Technology industry.

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