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DeepTech Industry Analytical Framework

Technology that affects an industry or market's typical operations is described as a disruptive technology. It displaces a well-established product or technology by creating a new industry or market. Deep Knowledge Group predicts the most practical means of advancing, optimizing, and coordinating the trajectory of their constant advancement and the careful, de-risked, and socially responsible delivery of their advantages for global humanity.

To this end, Deep Knowledge Group has developed the DeepTech Industry Classification Framework as a thorough and comprehensive framework for sector and industry analysis that makes it easier to compare businesses internationally and focuses on the technological aspect of a company's business activity.

Analytical Framework
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Analytical Framework Teaser
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Full Documentation
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DeepTech Industry Analytical Framework

Access DeepTech Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard

DeepTech Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard is a tool that provides comprehensive insights and analysis of innovative technology industries, using a vast amount of data collected from various sources. The system contains a set of dashboards on different DeepTech industries such as artificial intelligence, GovTech, SpaceTech, etc. Moreover, there are a regions-specific dashboards which outline the DeepTech Industries in the countries or regions.

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